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It has been a few months since we told you about ‘Project Cholera’, which started in January and has just ended with excellent results. Haiti is sadly known for the earthquake that struck it in 2010, killing more than 200,000 people. The consequences of the earthquake were very serious: in addition to the many dead and injured, most of the country’s houses and infrastructure were destroyed. Millions of displaced persons were forced to assemble in relief camps, living in temporary dwellings, lacking basic services. This precarious state triggered a violent cholera epidemic, which soon spread throughout the island.

Even today, 13 years later, the situation is still dramatic: political instability does not allow the island to break the stalemate that began in 2010, the population continues to live in poverty in unhygienic shantytowns, which encourage the spread of disease.

For years, Madian Orizzonti Onlus has been working alongside the local population to promote health projects, such as building a hospital and fighting disease. Salute e Sviluppo decided to intervene alongside Madian Orizzonti Onlus for the ‘Cholera’ project, helping the Hopital Foyer Saint Camill in Port-au-Prince, run by the Camillian community, to combat the spread of cholera.

The project’s objectives were: treatment of the sick, preventive visits to the most vulnerable population, and awareness-raising, as many meetings were organised in schools and community focal points to teach how to avoid and prevent infection.

The results we have achieved are amazing, also thanks to our contribution, more than 3000 people were visited at home, 3500 families and 4300 children under 5 years old, and more than 27 thousand were involved in awareness-raising activities.

We are very happy to have been able to contribute to this project and to be close to the Haitian people, helping those who are in the greatest difficulty to regain hope.