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Salute e Sviluppo Intership



Salute e Sviluppo worked with SPICES (School of International Policy and Development Cooperation), manage by FOCSIV, and with ASVI (Agency for the Development of the Third Sector).



Over the years, a lot of newly graduated interns and students from master courses in the third sector have collaborated with Salute e Sviluppo.

Salute e Sviluppo (SeS) SeS) gives to young graduates the opportunity to undertake internships at its headquarters in Rome.
The traineeship must enable training and, at the same time, contribute to the work of the NGO. In this perspective, Salute e Sviluppo gives trainees the opportunity to deal with the most important topics of cooperation: planning, development education and long-distance support. On the other hand, collaboration and reliability is required for all activities of the association, including translation and secretarial work.




SeS offers part-time or full-time traineeships for a minimum period of 3 months.


Eligibility criteria


Salute e Sviluppo privileges three types of trainees:
– Graduates not older than 18 months.
– Students who have completed a master’s degree for no more than 18 months.
– Students who have completed a training course involving an internship.

Each of these arrangements will have to be established in an agreement between the NGO and the entity.


In this way: 1. the traineeship will be part of a coherent training course, 2. the host organisation and the trainee will be protected from a legal and insurance point of view.


Selection criteria


Salute e Svilupposes will select trainees on the basis of current availability and the consistency of the type of work required with the intern’s training. A knowledge of a foreign language and of popular software is obviously highly desirable.


How to apply


By sending a CV to info@salutesviluppo.org with subject “internship“. Your CV will be directly entered into our database. When there are open positions, suitable candidates will be contacted for an interview.