• Piazza della Maddalena 53 - 00186, Roma
  • Tel. +39.06 899 28 151-2-3-4
  • info@salutesviluppo.org

Fields of Intervention

Development Cooperation Projects

Salute e Sviluppo carries out cooperation projects in developing countries, mainly in the health sector, socio-economic, educational and agricultural fields. All initiatives guarantee their sustainability and are characterised by a highly educational approach.

Promoting International Volunteering

Salute e Sviluppo selects, trains and sends volunteers on project monitoring missions in developing countries. Salute e Sviluppo is looking for highly motivated and professional volunteers whose work does not end with a temporary contribution, but who are able to transfer knowledge and skills to the local population.

Development Education

Salute e Sviluppo is committed in development education campaigns (EAS) and awareness raising on the Italian territory, through the network of volunteers, working in the regional offices. EAS is carried out with the involvement of civil society at all levels: media, educational institutions, associations, companies.

Long-distance Support

Salute e Sviluppo has set up a collective and individual long-distance support programme.
SeS supports children and their communities around the world through programmes focused on disease treatment and prevention, health and nutrition, education and adolescent development.
To date, the organisation focuses its aid on Kenya and Burkina Faso.
Salute e Sviluppo is registered in the long-distance Support List of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.