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Abruzzo Region Law

Law on voluntary healthcare in the Abruzzo Region


L.R. 8-2-2005 n. 6
Financial provisions for the drafting of the 2005 annual and multiannual budget 2005-2007 of the Abruzzo Region (Legge finanziaria regionale 2005).


Published in B.U. Abruzzo 25 February 2005, no. 3 extraordinary.


Art. 196-bis
Sending ASL (Local Health Authorities) staff to developing countries or countries affected by armed conflicts.
1. Within the framework of international aid to developing countries or the scene of armed conflicts, the Region supports Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) recognised by the Italian Government and responsible for the implementation of specific intervention projects, through the voluntary work of health professions staff employed by public health structures in Abruzzo.
2. For the purposes referred to in paragraph 1, the staff of the health professions employed by the public structures of Abruzzo, who are available to carry out voluntary work abroad for the implementation of specific projects managed by the NGO, may take a maximum of 30 days of paid leave per calendar year.
3. The periods of leave referred to in paragraph 2 shall count towards seniority for the purposes of calculating severance pay and retirement pension.
4. The Regional Health Councillor shall implement this law within thirty days providing its implementation.
5. For the following years, the Regional Health Councillor shall, by january 31th, allocate the necessary resources to the public structures on the basis of the requests received by November 30th of the previous year.
6. The expenses deriving from the implementation of the present article, estimated at € 200,000.00 (two hundred thousand), for the year 2005 shall be covered by the resources already entered in the UPB 12.01.001 with the creation of a special expenditure chapter entitled: Expenses deriving from the sending of ASL (Local health authorities) personnel to developing countries or the scene of armed conflicts, with an allocation for competence and cash of € 200,000.00.
7. Subsequent years shall be governed by budgetary law.


Article added by Art. 1, (77) L.R. 9 November 2005, n. 77. 33